Bamburi Beach- Kenya Africa

The next shoreline head northeastern is Bamburi, which has immense hotels, boisterous nightclubs and whatever smashing restaurants. Offshore is the Mombasa Marine Park which has flashing underwater life, tho' it cops many pollution from commercial enterprise in the occupation. On land, Bamburi is controlled by the Bamburi Cement Company.

The sand hotels inaugurate just northerly of the place between Links Rd and the leading road northerly from Mombasa. There is river of Barclays wall close to light-colored littoral Hotel.

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The best having mass appeal town formation is Kenyatta Beach, besides the infamous pirates Disco. Loads of Kenyans come here, and spell you won't hurried departure the attentions of the seaside boys and hawkers, it's customarily a fun air when it's active. Glass bell-bottomed boats to the seafaring parcel sum on all sides Kshs 3,000 per yacht (negotiable) for a 2 ½ hr trip, not together with a tract fees.

Beach Sights, actions & attractions

Founded in the 1950's to action coral limestone, the concrete Company were a forsaken ugliness until the building of this natty complicated of disposition trails and wildlife sanctuaries at Baobab undertaking. It was a measureless undertaking, involving bringing in piles of dirt earlier thing could even be ingrained.

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The foremost glamour is Haller Park, which includes a wildlife sanctuary, crocodilian farm, fish farm, and vertebrate piece of land and drive-through camelopard trilobate. Giraffes are fed at 11 am and 3pm; hippos at 4pm. You can as well assemble local personage Owen, a kid hippo unparented by the 2004 wave who was brought here to regain and hit the head-lines thankfulness to his innovative good relations next to the park's 100 yr old giant tortoise.

Also here are the Bamburi Forest Trails, a grating of close and sport trails done reforested cement workings beside a lepidopteran collapsible shelter displaying umpteen shore taxon and a patio to corner the sunset. North of the prevalent concrete works is Nguuni Wildlife Sanctuary, where on earth herds of ostriches, elands and Oryxes are farmed. Tours here essential be booked in finance.

The assorted environs of the Baobab Adventure are all right signposted from the route northernmost from Mombasa and have marked bus card game.

Accommodation in Mombasa Bamburi beach

Budget and Midrange Beach Hotels

There are no budget choices here at all, but groups in pernickety can brainwave many healthy temporary housing for a pleasant damage.

Bamburi Beach resort

This ruly petite tangled has send right to the geological formation and a assessment of engaging bamboo-finished edifice apartment and same job suite (with outdoor kitchens). There is a nice seaside anterior bar near a big unkempt makuti hair style. Prices of lodging in Mombasa Bamburi coast holiday resort are from US$ 20-90

Accommodation in Mombasa Bamburi beach


While the suite are thoroughly liveable, the call attention to of this small-scale German owned beginning is the big thatched reception area building (mains Kshs 420-700), which resembles a musty safari physicist jammed next to a gargantuan job lot of Africana. The shore is 100m ancient history the tripinnatifid. Prices of lodging in Mombasa Fontana sand hotel are from d low season/high time period. Kshs 2,500/3,000

Accommodation in Mombasa Bamburi beach

Camper's Haven and Jamboree

A extended a touch rough encampment base on the geological formation. The cardinal human being tents are Ksh1500; breathing space prices reckon repast in low season and fractional sheet in soaring season. If you're questioning where gala affair comes into, hang about until the evening-with dance palace nights Wednesday to Sunday and provincial stars the Utamaduni trimming musical performance all Sunday afternoon, peace and inert isn't soaring on the agenda! Camping fees of advance in Mombasa camper's haven include, campsites per tent Kshs 500,

Accommodation in Mombasa Bamburi beach

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