Since a chamber is a slot where a human spends one third of the day - viii hours - it should be the right way planned, so that you can have a fitting night's sleep, in development for the next years profession. The first-rate path for a maestro bedroom is southwesterly for the leader of the family, since he/she should have forty winks very well to take the incumbrance of the relatives on his or her body part during the day. This is besides the defence for the hose armoured combat vehicle to be in this locality so it keeps the area refrigerator. This was a preparation from our ancestors when we had no fans, air coolers or air conditioners.

A bedroom on the northwesterly is flawless for children, girls and guests, not for the herald of the kinfolk. It is seen that girls of mature age get wed in a bit if they use this liberty. The south easterly is not at all a put down for the bedroom; if by fate it is used, it creates quarrels among couples. North eastmost is never recommended for the bedroom, if in that is no choice, quality should be maintained at the northeasterly cranny.

The placement of the person in charge towards the southeast gives unbroken slumber. When the boss is towards the south, and the toughness in the northeast direction, which is the Kubera (Lord of Wealth) direction, it is said that those individuals will move away towards or accomplish richness.

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The external body part towards the east is also okay, since the toughness will be to the west, the route of Lord Varuna (Lord of Water) who leads to financial condition immediately. The pave the way towards the westside is likewise acceptable, since one later faces the eastward when awake in the morning, which is the way of Indra, wherever the individual will be easy for the total day.

It is not right to have the external body part to the northeastward. Even scientifically it is evidenced that in drawn out time period it affects the twitchy grouping due to charming side and repulsions and in this manner you can never have groan physiological state which is highly essential for any someone in this itinerary.

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